How to Save Money on Your Wedding Gown?

Any bride wants to create an unforgettable wedding image. But what if the budget does not allow you to choose what you want? In other words, how can you save on a wedding dress? In this article, we will offer you some useful ideas.

Second Hand Dresses

This option is probably the most beneficial. The bride wears a dress only once in a lifetime and she’ll never take it up. Therefore, you can easily find used dresses (you can also take a dress for rent). One of the disadvantages of this option is that it does not suit brides with increased disgust (information about the fact that the outfit has been dry-cleaned does not help). Some girls are not ready to wear someone else’s dress, no matter how beautiful it may be.

Fairs and Bargain Sales

You can buy significantly cheaper dresses at bridal fairs. Another good option is the sale in wedding salons (dresses of past collections are cheaper to sell, and the price falls in the season when the demand for wedding accessories decreases).

Custom Made Wedding Dresses

If you really liked the style of the dress from the famous brand, you can save the photo and order a similar outfit at the studio. The dress will not be cheap, but in comparison with the brand gown, the price will be more attractive. If you yourself or your close friend are familiar with the rules of tailoring, then the savings will be significant. The big drawback of this method is the risk of not getting what you expected in the end.

Online Bridal Salons

In online stores, you can buy the same models as in wedding salons, but the price of outfits is often more affordable (the difference can be either small or quite noticeable). The problem is the choice of size, in addition, the style can cause doubts (it is possible that the dress you like will not look good on your figure). If you are afraid to make a mistake, then look for a suitable model in the salon and try it on, and then find an analog on the Internet and order the delivery.

Style & Material of the Dress

The simpler the dress style, the cheaper you will pay. It is worth remembering that laconic models do not necessarily look poor. For many brides, they are the standard of taste. A big plus of such dresses is an ideal combination with all kinds of accessories. These accessories can always be borrowed from girlfriends, made by themselves or rented. If you decide to sew a dress, then pay special attention to the choice of material. Be sure, you will be able to pick up something acceptable both in price and quality (go shopping, ask prices, compare, and consult with knowledgeable people).