Dancing in Order to Give Back

Regardless of what or who you believe in, one of the best ways to experience life to the fullest is by giving to someone else who will never be able to repay you. This doesn’t necessarily mean giving away your hard earned money. When it comes to children and kids, your time is usually much more needed and valuable.

When my wife and I first moved, we wanted to make a difference in our new city. It was a smaller town and there wasn’t exactly much to keep the youth focussed on doing something positive with their time. While the majority of people would have just thought this was too bad for the next generation, my wife decided she wanted to do something about it.

Becoming a part of the community

Dance and ballet had always been a huge part of her life. Since the age of eleven, dancing was her escape. It was her way of tuning out the rest of the world and reconnecting with herself and what she believed in. Practicing and teaching ballet has been a huge part of her life every since.

My wife began scheduling different meetings with several businesses, organizations, and institutions in our new community. She wasn’t concerned with being paid for her time, but there would be a need for resources in order to get her vision off the ground. We had some money put away due to saving for a few years. But, starting a dance studio where students would be able to learn and enjoy the art of dancing free of charge had never been a part of the plan.

We would need a building or space to use. Utility bills would need to be paid. There were going to be several obligations we had never saved for within our budget. With some help from a few of the leaders in the community, my wife’s vision was able to become a reality.

Things were hectic right from the beginning. With just minimal advertisement, the number of students who showed up wanting to learn doubled what my wife was planning. She made it work though. She arranged classes by age for different days throughout the week. Within a month, she was teaching two classes a day, Monday through Friday, with the help of a few volunteers.

Dancing becomes regular routine

After teaching and working with the students for almost three months, one of my wife’s favorite participants asked if they could have a recital. Everyone involved loved the idea and began making plans to put on a show for family and loved ones. Practice started becoming more and more intense every week as the performance begin getting closer.

One day after teaching a class, my wife could notice an issue with one of the young dancers, the same one who originally brought up the idea of having the recital. It didn’t take long for my wife to learn the young girl’s dilemma. She didn’t own a nice enough dance uniform to wear in the performance.

With all of the excitement surrounding the event, no one had enough time to consider what the dancers would wear on what would be the biggest night many of them had ever experienced. With just a few weeks left, my wife needed to put some kind of fundraiser together and still have enough time to order and receive everyone’s uniforms.


The people of our town came through in a big way. Within just two days, we were able to not only buy uniforms, but also rent the local theater to put on the performance.