Modanisa aiming to make Hijab Fashion mainstream

Modest wear is among the fastest growing industries of the fashion world. Especially, the hijab is becoming more and more popular in the Muslim world. A decade ago, it was difficult to find shops that sell hijab clothes such as the abaya, the jilbab and the khimar. But nowadays, there is a plethora of online portals that sell abayas online.

One startup from Turkey known as Modanisa is noteworthy in this respect. It appeared and took an initiative to create an online shopping system for those girls who love wearing the conservative clothing as prescribed by Islam yet remaining stylish and good looking.

Modanisa review

The primary aim was to make it easy for the Muslim girls to purchase an abaya online thus saving them from the frustration of shopping for hours to purchase one. Irrespective of risky circumstances, they courageously began the journey of line of women clothes that are less revealing. Their target market was those women who want a more demure appearance while observing their Islamic faith.

At the time when Modanisa website was launched, it had been definitely one of its kind of Ecommerce websites but today they’ve been joined by plenty of different manufacturers that are designing hijab clothes for Muslim fashionistas.

The growth in this hijab fashion fad motivated us to compose a review on Modanisa’s clothes and apparels. We researched the reviews, had a comprehensive view of the site, analyzed their product, as well as the designers who are showcased within their site so as to supply you a accurate and fair image of the shop.

modanisa modest fashion

Is Modanisa providing quality clothing?

Going through testimonials available on the internet, one gets double minded whether Modanisa really provides quality. To resolve this confusion, we personally visited the fashion shows, and festivals arranged and ran by Modanisa so that we can see for ourselves. A closer look on Modanisa’s products in those fashion shows revealed that Modanisa genuinely providing quality products and it really believes on its mission to make hijab and modest fashion a mainstream fashion across the world.

Up until today, Modanisa has held two global events to promote modest clothes. Both events generated hype in the expanding marketplace for religiously conservative clothes and gave a huge push to the modest fashion-scene. Therefore it has proven that this is a legitimate company with high quality products and an honest vision and mission.

The site is especially intended for the women who love to remain stylish but they want to keep their Islamic identity intact. Women who would love to dress-up with completely covering clothing but may find it hard to discover an excellent designer – Modanisa comes to their rescue by making it effortless to discover good looking and fashionable wear to satisfy their fashion needs. Along with gowns, they also have an enormous number of designer sneakers, handbags of exceptional quality.

We really do suggest you to test their products if you don’t want to show much of your skin. There’s a huge range of less revealing clothes available on their site where you will definitely find outfits that suit your unique aura.