5 Channels for Businesses to Distribute Coupons This Black Friday

The time of the year has come again when thousands of retailers are preparing for Black Friday, the biggest sale of the year. The success of this prolonged sales frenzy depends not only on the selection of products the retailers will choose to promote, but also on the type of discount tactics they will practice.

Distribution of Discount Coupons

To a large extent, the way you, as a retailer, distribute vouchers will depend on the type of business you are running. For instance, if you are an online business, using online coupons will make greater sense. A physical store can use online coupons as well, but using local news sites would be better for its marketing goals. Here are some ways you can distribute coupons.

Voucher sites

The online world has lots of options for businesses trying to distribute coupons. In fact, businesses such as motorbike online store, FC Moto, can have their coupons published for free at sites like Wikigains.com. On these coupon sites, you simply post your coupons at no cost.

The other online coupon marketing option is distributing the vouchers to local media websites. This option is a good idea for small physical stores since they are more location-specific.


This option works well for both online-based and physical stores. Email marketing is still an effective way to create loyal customers and keep them coming back to your business. Email-based offers have benefits such as allowing you to send personalized deals. This is possible because you can know the purchases customers have already made in the past. Emailing coupons is also more exclusive since the deals are often not available to everyone.

Social Media

Your friends and followers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a target audience for your discount coupons this Black Friday. Social media marketing coupons should make your followers feel special for greater effectiveness. Otherwise, these coupons are easy to share, which is a huge plus. You can even offer people coupon deals for bringing in new clients or friends.


Paper coupons go as far back as the late 1800s. Today they still used widely by retailers. This is despite the fact that digital coupons offer greater convenience when it comes to redemption. In fact, many consumers look for coupons the old-school way through the newspapers and magazines.


Assume you sell fitness gear and weight loss supplements through a local brick and mortar store and would like to distribute vouchers for your products to 5,000 local fitness fanatics. One way to get this done is by printing full-colour postcards and mailing them to about 1,000 of your target customers. You can also rent a mailing list for an additional 500 potential customers. With large media companies, you can get tools you can use to target potential customers in your area based on demographic factors like sport club memberships, location, and age.