3 Must Haves in the Engagement Ring Search

Are you that guy currently thinking about proposing to the woman of your dreams? If so, will you get her the perfect engagement ring?

For guys in this position, the anxiety can creep in on occasion.

To make the process as smooth as possible, be sure to have a game plan in place.

Among the areas to cover:

  1. Jeweler 

Whether you opt for Front Jewelers or another well-known brand, have some ideas in mind.

While there is nothing wrong with going to several jewelers to price and compare, you will have to settle on one.

By narrowing down the search early on, you save yourself time and frustration.

Even if you are familiar with a jeweler or two in your home town or surrounding area, don’t be afraid to do some web surfing.

Most jewelers have their own websites, so use that to your advantage.

You can also find many jewelry stores on social media, so check social networking sites out too.

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more are all good choices.

Often, you will also find consumers comments about a host of jewelers. This gives you insight into each of them, making your selection a little easier.

Also look to see if any jewelers have had any issues with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Finding out ahead of time about issues saves you both frustration and money.


What would the search for an engagement ring be without some tossing and turning over what you are going to pay?

Yes, the investment in an engagement ring can be a hefty one at that. That said consider what you are embarking on by buying such a ring.

Don’t overlook showing that special woman what she means to you.

If the price is going to be a major issue for you, consider your options.

Among them:

  • Waiting for the right time – You may find that now is not the right time to invest in an engagement ring. As much as you love her, do you want a sizable amount of financial debt? If you both sit down and talk about it, cooler heads prevail. She may very well agree that now is not the time to get the ring.
  • Payment plans – Often, guys will opt for a good payment plan. In doing so, they do not burden themselves with a major financial bill at one time. The key here is making sure you can make those payments over time. The last thing you want to do is ring-up a ton of interest fees.
  • Sharing the debt – Believe it or not, some couples will even consider splitting the costs for now. Sure, it may not come across as the most romantic thing for some people, but she still gets her ring this way.
  • Scaling back – There is also the option of scaling down the engagement ring of choice. You may even find where your bride-to-be wants you to scale back. This can then allow you to save more money towards the wedding and/or honeymoon if need be.


Another item to run through your head is where you will propose to your special woman.

For some guys, they will keep it rather simple. Others, yet, will want to go all out on a huge surprise.

Run different options around your mind, coming up with the one you think she’d like best.

In the event you as a couple shop for the engagement ring, you can still catch her by surprise when you propose to her.

Also think about the next big step in your relationship that of course being a wedding.

As important as the engagement proposal is, there is much more to come down the line for the both of you.

Remember, sit back and enjoy the moments you two share.