Why Organic Baby Clothes Are Best For your Baby

If you’re wondering whether or not organic baby clothes are worth it, or whether it’s just hype, then here’s what you need to think about. 1. Organic baby clothes won’t harm the delicate skin of your baby, and you can be sure that they will reduce the risk of rashes or other skin irritations. 2. […]


Cach Cach – Fashionable Clothes and Accessories

French for Hide n Seek, Cach Cach offers a fun element to kids clothing. Earlier shopping for kids wear was a mundane task as there was not much variety in their clothing. But now, shopping for their outfits is as daunting a task as selecting clothing for adults. This kids brand offers some great buys […]


Look Smart And Religious With Fashionable Church Hats For women

Women always like to put on wonderful clothes and accessories that would help them look smart and religious as well. Most of them don’t find reasons to dress up other than the special occasions like parties with family and friends. However, glamorous and esthetic fashion hats are encouraging them to dress up at anytime and […]


Beware, Fashion Speed Bumps Ahead!

Fashion is a funny thing. It goes in cycles – sometimes small cycles and sometimes large ones. It is these cycles that often convince women to keep clothes because they will come back into fashion again. YES AND NO. Yes! You are right. Popular styles do come back into fashion again. No! Short-lived fashions are […]


Features of an Effective Online Shopping cart

Gone are those days when people would actually go to a market for shopping. Shopping goods online is the current trend now. Online shopping is the process where consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller through internet. Online shopping cart is a technology that is been in the market for the past few […]


Consider this Before Paying Shop Rent

Every shop owner has to pay shop rent if they want to have their shop in a mall or shopping centre of any description. The only other option is to run your store out of your home or a second property, and this is very invasive as you will have people walking into your house […]


7 Types of Traditional African Cloth

Some very interesting cloth and textiles come from Africa. Often, they are unique to the continent, in origin and processing. Consider the following: 1. Kente Cloth Kente cloth is a hand-woven textile that originated in west Africa. Sometimes, gold thread is woven into the fabric. Because of such embellishments, as well as the hard skilled […]


How to Stay Safe Shopping Online

When lifestyle content writersand entertainment content writers write about fashion tips and shopping tips that can provide for a great shopping experience, it becomes equally important to highlight how to stay wary of scams when shopping online. Do not ignore security warnings Most of us have a habit of overriding the pop up warnings that […]

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